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MAXYOYO Sherpa Fleece Floor Mattress Futon Mattress, Off White Japanese Style Roll Up Mattress

MAXYOYO Sherpa Fleece Floor Mattress Futon Mattress, Off White Japanese Style Roll Up Mattress

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Reversible Mattress for All Season: An all purpose & all season mattress that saves you the space of a whole bed. The most widely used Japanese design made for comfort, durability and multipurpose use. The reversible design makes it usable for adults (sleeping) and kids (sleeping/playing), one side is sharpa fleece fabric, the other side is polyester fabric. Specially quilted to provide extra sleeping hours by providing exquisite comfort and temperature control throughout the sleep cycle

Material: The best property of this mattress is not what you see, but what is inside of it. With a special Sherpa fleece covering, polyester lining at the back and filled with soft microfibers and high-quality memory foam, the mattress provides you with extreme comfort and dense temperature control in all kinds of weather. The special filling makes you neither bounce nor sink, but the ideal pressure that an exotic sleep demands at any hour of the day.

Futon Mattress Size: Single 90 wide x 190cm long, 10cm thick. Double 135 wide x 190cm long. King 150 wide x 200cm long, 10cm thick, 10cm thick. A full size allowing it easy transport from one place to another is just one feature. You can not only use it in the house but can carry it off once required. The mattress comes with a pair of bandage so you don’t have to worry about transportation at all

Charismatic Design: An ergonomic design that is built to last a lifetime and the valley design allows you to sleep within the mattress without any sleep disturbance at all. The mattress pad could be used as bedroom futon mattress, floor mattress, carpet, tatami pad, also could be guest bed or tent mattress

Care Tips: Since the mattress is packed carefully for transportation, opening it the first time requires a little care. Once it is taken out of the box, it is to be patted gently and kept under the sun so it regains its original shape. Once you do so, it is ready to use. Furthermore, you can use the mattress cover to guard it against dirt. However, it can be wiped cleaned with a wet cloth if required. REMEMEBER: Don’t submerse it in water

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Care Instructions

Kind Reminder: Due to compressed package, there may be a lump in the middle of the futon mattress. Please don't worry; it will disappear after the mattress is laid flat on the floor for a few days. Periodically turning over and rotating a mattress to prevent body impressions. Dry the floor mattress frequently in the sun to keep it fluffy.

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Multi-functional Futon Mattress:

The futon mattress can be used as Bedroom Futon/Living Room Futon/Tatami Mat/Floor Mattress/Sleeping Floor mat/Tent Mat/Guest Mattress/Japanese Bed Mat/Carpet, and also can be a kid's play mat/floor pillow bed, also you can put it in your car and take it anywhere, It is a great choice for your small space, and it is a good accompany for your family.

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