General FAQ

We have a professional team from product design, production, packaging to transportation, and all production processes are professionally certified. All our products are shipped from UK warehouse.

No, all our products are delivered for free

If you are buying on the website, please contact us via email at support@maxyoyouk.com, if not, you need to contact us via other platforms, such as Amazon.

Generally speaking, we process orders very fast, but sometimes it takes 24 to 48 hours to ship. Click the shipping icon in the order confirmation email to check its status and track the shipment.

If your product is defective in materials or workmanship, our manufacturer's warranty will replace your product or refund your product price within the warranty period. Please contact us to start your claim: support@maxyoyouk.com.

Futon Mattress

In order to better use futon mattress, we suggest:

①Please note that we compress the futon mattress into a storage bag for transportation. When you receive it, please dry the mat in the sun. It will recover faster in the sun. So please allow at least 2-3 days to recover the thickness.

②How to wash: The outside cover can be machine washed, and the futon mattress inside is recommended to be washed by hand.

Of course you can, but we recommend putting it in the sun for two days for better results.

Yes, our mattress is widely used. It can be used as a bedroom futon/living room futon/tatami mat/floor mat/sleeping mat/tent mat/guest mattress/Japanese-style mattress, and it can also be used as a children’s play mat/ The floor pillow bed, you can also take it with you and drive to any place.